RIGHTEOUS is a comic book series that tells the story of greedy Risk Analyst, Daniel Price and his mission to climb the corporate ladder to live the American dream.

When he lands the most important account of his career, he is visited by a being of light who imbues him with the need to help others instead of earning an income.

If Daniel can't find a way to navigate his newfound righteousness, everything he built will come crashing down around him.

The twist? Unbeknownst to Daniel, every time he helps someone, they are imbued with the same need to help others.


"This is hands-down one of my favourite comics of all time. Not only is it dramatic and compelling, but speaks towards a deep spiritual evolution which humanity is waking up to each day!" -- Jordan David, Creator Spirit Science

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Struck with an incredible idea after lamenting the state of the world, Xane wasted no time in assembling an experienced team of artists to create his vision. A 21-year veteran of the video game industry, Xane's first foray into comic creation is not a foreign concept, thanks to all the years of working with extremely diverse and talented artists. Xane writes and produces the popular series while living and working in the Chicago suburbs.


An illustrator since 2008, Joseba has diverse experience working as a cartoonist for newspapers, children's books and comics. Joseba is credited for his work in Whispers on Nechropolis Anthology, Chronicles of Terror, and Alterna Comics' 2017 IF Anthology: CRIME. Joseba lives on the Canary Islands of Spain.


Gab lives in Lima, Peru as a graphic designer, colorist, and illustrator. She began comics coloring in 2009, and has worked for a number of comics publishers on many titles like, Knight's Landing, HotHeads, Fetch: An Odyssey, Octavo Capital, Cyberines, and A Princess of Mars

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