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Ways to Read RIGHTEOUS


RIGHTEOUS can be read for free online via a variety of webcomic websites and social media. Even though it is not free for us to produce, we refuse to restrict access to the story that has the potential to change the world

Find links to all of these locations ahead....

Unfortunately, even though it is free for our readers, it is expensive for us. Joseba Morales, our talented primary artist and illustrator, takes a big pay cut to continue to create RIGHTEOUS on a weekly basis. This is also true of Gab Contreras, our impressive colorist. They believe in the project, and we can't thank them enough for their sacrifice.

That's not all. Kevin Sheller, the creator, continues to pay everyone, including cover artists, lettering, flatting, website fees, and printing out of his own pocket. If it weren't for all of these folks sacrificing their money and time, this comic would simply not exist.


RIGHTEOUS could be a break-even

We would like to develop a model that at least allows RIGHTEOUS to pay for everyone's time and effort. But we cannot violate our first point above: We refuse to restrict access.

But there has to be a way, right?

Instagram, Facebook, Smack Jeeves, The Duck Webcomics,, Webtoons, and Tapastic are all updated on a bi-weekly basis.


We have some ideas

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